Research Opportunities

Below are current research projects for which you and/or your child may qualify.  To access more information about a project, please click on “Read More”.  Should you be interested in participating or have questions about a specific research project, please contact the individual listed on the recruitment letter.  The Moog Center is not conducting these research projects, but shares information regarding research that may result in increased knowledge and improved services for children with hearing loss. 


Olga Peskova, from UT Dallas, will be at the Moog Center on Saturday, December 7 to collect Data for her research project. Please review the flyer and if interested contact Olga.


Opportunity to provide information about your experience participating in IEP meetings available. Kelli Sanderson, a doctoral student studying special education at Vanderbilt University is conducting research on this topic.


Taylor Hellenbeck, a Ph.D. candidate at UNC at Greensboro is conducting a study looking at children's math skills, specifically related to story problem-solving strategies of children who are deaf/hard of hearing.


If you are interested in collaborating with the Moog Center on a research project or recruiting subjects from the Moog Center please complete the application below.

Moog Center Research Application