Our Mission


We teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to talk and we teach others to do it, too.

The Moog Center provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. From the time we begin working with children and their families, our program focuses on helping the children learn to use spoken language well enough for that to be their means of communicating. Our emphasis on very young children underlines our belief in capitalizing on the critical learning period for language, namely birth to early elementary years.

In order to fulfill this mission our program includes the following goals:

        • Help each child gain self-confidence and achieve success in a carefully structured, nurturing environment

        • Help families learn what they can do to accelerate their children's development of spoken language

        • Individualize instruction in all aspects of spoken language development as well as cognitive and academic skills typical of children in preschool and early elementary grades

        • Assist each child in learning all the basic academics and skills that hearing children are learning

  • At the Moog Center for Deaf Education we teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to talk and we teach others to do it, too. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, our center serves children birth to early elementary years. In addition, through our Professional Education and Outreach Programs, we share our successful techniques with other professionals and our staff is involved in a number of applied research projects.

    We Believe ...

    Deaf children can learn to talk.

    The more children hear, the easier it is to learn to talk.

    The more children talk, the better they get at talking.

    The earlier children start talking, the faster they learn.

    The more targeted the instruction, the better children learn.

    The more parents learn, the more they can help.

    The more fun we have, the harder we work.

    The harder we work, the more fun we have.